Project Cumulative Flow

Not available in Agile Central On Premises.

The Project Cumulative Flow Diagram is designed to help project teams analyze work-in-progress for their delivery trend. The chart allows you to choose the field to measure, including schedule state and custom fields such as a kanban state. With this view, teams can identify and address process bottlenecks to ensure that their project is running efficiently.

Modify Project Cumulative Flow Chart Settings

To modify the chart settings:
  1. Select the app gear menu, then select Settings.
  2. Edit the title of the chart, if desired.
  3. Select one of the following project options:
    • Select Follow Global Project Setting to filter according to your global project picker.
    • Select Choose Specific Project if you want to see another project's work, regardless of your global project setting.
  4. The field to measure. For teams that are following a Kanban process, choose the custom field that defines the states that define the progress of their work. After choosing the state, choose the state values to include in the chart.
  5. Specify the time frame of the report. The time frame is always for a period that is relative to the current day.


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