qTest is the only test management solution that allows you to manage your manual, exploratory, and automated testing in a single location, providing the most complete view of your testing coverage and progress on the market.


qTest’s integration with CA Agile Central allows for complete visibility from one system into another, allowing you to deploy a best-of-breed test management solution without losing visibility into ongoing activities in CA Agile Central.

The qTest–CA Agile Central integration:

  • Is simple to set up – get integrated in 15 minutes or less
  • Allows qTest users to submit defects directly from qTest to CA Agile Central
  • Retrieves requirements from CA Agile Central into qTest
  • Provides a full circle of traceability from CA Agile Central requirement → qTest test case → qTest test run → CA Agile Central defect
  • Accommodates customized fields on CA Agile Central requirements and defects

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