Add Specialized Features Using Apps

Apps can be used to add specialized features to your CA Agile Central subscription. Through a combination of HTML, JavaScript and CA Agile Central's JSON Web Services API, it is possible for you to write your own views, reports and mashups and make them available to your co-workers as a tab in CA Agile Central.

Apps from the catalog are available directly in your CA Agile Central subscription. Click on the + icon located on the second-level navigation. From the pop-up, choose App Catalog.

The possibilities for what you can create are virtually endless. We've posted some examples (including working code) that you can use directly or that you can build upon.

For a basic introduction to app development and CA Agile Central recommended tips and tricks see CA Agile Central App SDK 2.1.

We also encourage you to share the apps that you've created with other users by posting them to our dropbox. We will review your submissions before making them visible to others.

Obtaining App Code

To obtain the source code for an app:
  1. Find the app that you want to download the code for in the Table of Contents on the left side of this page under Extend CA Agile Central with Apps, or search for the desired app.
  2. Click the source code link, located under the For Developers section at the bottom of the app page.
  3. Copy the code for the app.

Don't forget to read our Standards and Policies for writing and sharing an app.


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