Engage With Users

CA Agile Central Idea Manager is a great tool for agile product managers as a way to effectively connect and collaborate with all their users (and account for distributed users) to accelerate the input to product features and enhancements, and accelerate the feedback loop to users at informing them of the status of their ideas.

CA Agile Central Idea Manager provides a place for customers and stakeholders to propose, vote on, and discuss ideas for features and enhancements. This forum gives product managers access to a rich source of information to help them build the right features in the right prioritized order.

Product managers may design custom forms that guide community users to provide specific data in their idea posts. This eases the task of organizing and selecting ideas for consideration as enhancements or new functionality.

Idea Manager

Product managers can easily promote ideas to user stories in their CA Agile Central product backlogs. When the schedule state of a story changes, product managers may batch update the status of ideas. This allows idea submitters to know as soon as possible when work is in progress for their request.

As work begins, developers may click a link in the story to quickly navigate to the idea and join the discussion to gain a better understanding of the feature.

There are two types of CA Agile Central Idea Manager users:


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