Use CA Agile Central Modules

Modules are sets of advanced features included with the Unlimited Edition of CA Agile Central. Specific modules may be purchased for Enterprise Edition subscriptions. Time tracking, product, program, and portfolio management, advanced test management, and advanced security are some of the features provided by modules.

Unlimited Edition subscribers have access to all of the items below. You may review which modules are enabled from the Setup mode of CA Agile Central.

CA Agile Central Portfolio Manager

Connect strategic initiatives with development team execution. Please review our Get Started with CA Agile Central Portfolio Manager guide. You may need to request that we enable CA Agile Central Portfolio Manager in your subscription.

CA Agile Central Idea Manager

Gather input from your customers and stakeholders to propose, vote on, and discuss ideas to help prioritize your work. Multisite option available for an additional fee.

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CA Agile Central Quality Manager

Manage regression tests, organize test cases, and more. CA Agile Central Quality Manager is automatically enabled if purchased.

CA Agile Central Advanced Security & Administration

Authenticate with existing Single Sign-On (SSO) systems, limit access to CA Agile Central through IP ranges, and restrict attachment types. Review our set up guide to learn how to enable each feature.

CA Agile Central Time Tracker

Generate timesheet reports and avoid asking the team to track time with other software. Enable Time Tracker from your CA Agile Central Workspace, then look for the Timesheet page under the My Home tab.

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Enterprise Integrations

Through a set of software connectors, CA Agile Central’s platform connects your entire development ecosystem to form a single system of record. All Enterprise Edition subscriptions include most CA Agile Central and Partner Supported Integrations. Additionally, Unlimited Edition includes our HP Quality Center Integration (installation guide).


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