Release Burnup

The Release Burnup app displays work delivered so far in the release to proactively anticipate whether the release scope will be delivered.

Release Burnup

A burnup app differs from a burndown app in that the burnup includes a scope line that allows you to visualize when work has been added or removed. The chart also represents a more realistic completion date for a release.

Data displayed in the app is in the same format as the Release Burnup chart. Select the chart to go to the Reports tab, where you may view past releases, export, email, and print the chart.

Features include:

  • The vertical axis represents the amount of accepted work in hours.
  • The horizontal axis represents the dates that are contained within the release.
  • Completed story points are represented by green bars.
  • Total scope of work in the release is represented by a black line.
  • Hover over the bars or line to see detailed figures on current and past progress.

Enable the Release Burnup Chart Legend

To enable the chart legend:
  1. From the app gear menu, select Settings.
  2. Select Show Legend.


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