Release Dependencies

The Release Dependencies app displays a table of user stories scheduled for the selected release that either has a predecessor or a successor.

Release Dependencies

For each story's relationship to a predecessor or successor, a row is displayed. For example, if there was a story for the selected release that has 3 predecessors and 2 successors, this would result in 3 rows displayed. There are three sections to the table: predecessors, stories, and successors. Each of these sections displays the following data:

  • FormattedID
  • Name
  • Project
  • Schedule State

Source code is available: Release Dependencies app source code

Print a List of Release Dependencies

To use the app:
  1. Select the Release.
  2. Select the FormattedID of user stories to navigate to the item's detail page.
  3. Print the app contents from the App Tools drop-down menu.



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