Row Action Icons

Summary pages in CA Agile Central feature various row action icons used to perform multiple activities. The row action icons may vary based on the summary page displayed, but perform the same action. Hover over any icon for a brief description of its purpose.

The following table lists the available row action icons available from the various summary pages:

Row Action Icon Action
edit Edit
copy Copy
print Print
delete Delete
detail Show detail from hover
predecessors only A user story has one or many predecessors
successors only A user story has one or many successors
both predecessors and successors A user story has both predecessors and successors
remove predecessor Remove a user story predecessor
inline add a new test case Inline add a new test case
create a test case New test case using the editor
add a child test folder Add a child test folder
add test case to test folder Add a test case to a test folder
new test case result New test case result
add defect Inline add a new defect
new defect New defect (Editor)
add defect to defect suite Add defects to defect suite
remove defect from defect suite Remove defect from defect suite
add task Inline add a new task
new task Add a new task (Editor)
copy tasks from another work item Copy tasks from
add child user story Add a child user story
new project New project
new child project New child project
new view New view
edit view Edit view
save and new Inline save and new
save inline edit Save inline edit
cancel inline edit Cancel inline edit
drag-and-drop Rank work item through drag-and-drop and reorder tasks; you must sort the page by rank and enable drag-and-drop ranking in order for this icon to appear in the left side of the row


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