Sandbox Requests

The sandbox server is used by some customers to test various setups, integrations with other software, and work models.

Depending on your network infrastructure and proxy rules, you may need to add the Sandbox IP addresses to your corporate whitelist. We recommend using DNS names, not addresses. If this situation applies to your company, add the following IP addresses to your whitelist:

For more information about CA Agile Central IP Addresses and CDN Networks, see CA Agile Central IP Addresses and CDN Networks.

Access the Sandbox Environment

Follow these steps:
  1. To access the sandbox environment, open a browser and enter:
  2. From there, enter your subscription credentials.
  3. If you employ SSO in your production subscription, you will need to use your full login name (for example, [email protected]).

Sandbox Availability

There are no contractual uptime agreements or SLAs for the Sandbox environment. However, we have an operational working agreement to keep Sandbox up during business hours (8 AM – 5 PM Mountain time) and to avoid downtime prior to 6 PM (Mountain) unless absolutely necessary. We make our best effort to avoid downtime during peak business hours.

Before you initiate a Sandbox request, be aware of the following guidelines:

  • You must have either an Unlimited or an Enterprise Edition subscription. Community Edition subscriptions and Trials are not eligible for this service.
  • Your subscription administrators must make the request by contacting support.
  • You are limited to one sandbox refresh per quarter year, totaling four refreshes in a year.
  • Sandbox refresh requests can take up to 10 business days to complete.


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