Standards and Policies for App Sharing

  • Apps should be written using the CA Agile Central App SDK, which is built on Sencha’s Ext JS 4. Given the power and completeness of Ext JS, we generally discourage the use of other JavaScript libraries, like jQuery, MooTools, and so on. If you do choose to use some other JavaScript library, we require loading it from an external Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Apps should use the components in the App SDK whenever possible, rather than introducing new components - yet another combobox, for example.
  • Apps should be tested on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. CA Agile Central’s policy is to support the latest browser version plus the next most recent version.
  • There should be nothing “hard coded” that is specific to your company or subscription - for example, project names, URLs, and Object IDs of CA Agile Central objects.
  • Where possible, requests to the CA Agile Central server for data should be bounded. In other words, they should not try to retrieve all available objects where the total result count or response payload would be excessively large. For example, retrieving revision history for all stories in a workspace, or all test case results for a subscription with tens of thousands of results, are unbounded queries.
  • Your app should include a descriptive name using the name property in the call to CA Agile Central.launchApp. If you used the Rake build system in the App SDK Starter Kit to build your app, this will happen automatically. If you started with an existing app in HTML form and modified it, you’ll need to make this change manually.
  • The App should pass JSLint without complaints. There is a Rake task in the App SDK Starter Kit that will help you ensure this.


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