Task State Updates Parent Schedule State

Updating the state of a task may update the schedule state of the schedulable work item it is parented to. A schedulable work item can be a:

  • Story
  • Defect
  • Defect suite
  • Test suite

If all tasks become Defined, the schedulable work item’s schedule state will become Defined. If all tasks become Completed, the schedulable work item schedule state will become Completed. Otherwise, the schedulable work item schedule state will become In Progress.

Defined Task? In Progress Task? Completed Task? Schedulable Work Item Schedule State
Yes No No Defined
Yes Yes No In Progress
Yes No Yes In Progress
Yes Yes Yes In Progress
No Yes No In Progress
No Yes Yes In Progress
No No Yes Completed

For example:

  • Adding a task to a story in Idea will make the story Defined. (The task will be created in the Defined state.)
  • Making the first task In Progress for a story in Defined will make the story In Progress.
  • Making the last task Completed for a story In Progress will make the story Completed.
  • Adding a task to a story in Completed will make the story In Progress.

This existing logic has been frustrating to users who unexpectedly find their schedulable work items moving backwards or forward. For Kanban teams, moving a story backwards in the flow is not advised as it disrupts Cumulative Flow Diagrams, but this logic may do that if a task is added to a completed story to release it. It can also make Kanban teams break WIP limits unintentionally.

Subscription administrators and workspace administrators can always set this option for a project. Subscription administrators can also decide whether project administrators can set the option. The option is unchecked by default:

Project administrators can disable this logic. If enabled, schedulable work item schedule states for that project will no longer be affected by changes to task states and users will need to update their own schedule state for stories. If you are doing Scrum or Timebox based work, then leave this enabled. If you are doing Kanban or Flow based work, then leave this disabled.


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