Testuff is a SaaS test management solution with a rich features list and intuitive GUI. It is designed to help testing teams focus on testing, not learning how to use the software. Testuff works well with other testing tools (automation, requirements, bug tracking, and so on) so users can customize their experience without giving up software already in place.


The Testuff–CA Agile Central integration allows users to send defects with details from Testuff directly to CA Agile Central, and vice-versa, creating a two-way synchronization.

With Testuff, the tester can:

  • Report defects from Testuff while executing a test
  • Import CA Agile Central defects to Testuff
  • Import CA Agile Central requirements into Testuff
  • Map CA Agile Central custom fields in Testuff integration setup
  • Synchronize defects status from CA Agile Central to Testuff


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