Third-Party Context

This feature is currently in Beta. Select the yellow Feedback button and let us know how we could improve your experience.

As a CA Agile Central user, you want to be able to see and navigate to all of the context related to a work item, even if that context is outside of CA Agile Central.

Note: Currently, the only connections available are from GitHub, Bitbucket, Subversion, or Mercurial. The connector must be installed and configured to retrieve data.

View Connections

To display context objects (connections):
  1. Open the detail page for the work item. Learn more.
  2. Select the Connections icon. The number of connections is displayed next to the icon.
  3. The connections (third-party context) data displays in the viewing (left) pane.
    • Type
    • Name
    • URL
    • Creation Date
    To sort the information, select a column header.
    Note that the third-party context data is non-editable.

You can also see the changesets on your work items.

connections and changesets


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