Upgrades and Backups for On-Premises 2018.1

Upgrades and backups for On-Premises include the following:

Every upgrade of CA Agile Central On-Premises is deployed as a new CA Agile Central VMware machine. We recommend bringing up a new version in parallel with the old version. For a complete set of upgrade instructions, refer to the CA Agile Central On-Premises Guide (please contact CA Agile Central Support for a copy).

Activate New Features and Seats

Every time a license has been uploaded, you must restart CA Agile Central Service in order for any changes to take effect. Use the CA Agile Central Service feature on the Control Panel to restart.

Schedule Backups

Schedule backups from the Backup/Restore feature in the Control Panel. To schedule a backup of your CA Agile Central application data:

Follow these steps:
  1. In the Control Panel, select the Feature menu, then Back Up/Restore.
  2. Select the Schedule tab.
  3. Select the Daily or Weekly Backup frequency option in the How Often section.
    Continue to configure your schedule from the related drop-down lists to set the time and the date of the backup.
  4. Enter the username and password for your FTP or SFTP server.
  5. Enter the URL path to the storage folder that you choose (note the example format).
  6. Select Send.
    A confirmation message returns informing you of the successful schedule. For example:
    Daily backup has been scheduled for hour 12 AM on host:ftp://atlantis
  7. Select the Schedule tab again.
    The Backup Status dialog box on the right now lists the scheduled backup.
  8. Select the Delete this Scheduled Backup link at any time to delete the scheduled backup.

Store your Backups

For storing backups, CA Agile Central highly suggests to stand up either FTP or SFTP servers to house all your data.


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