User Lookup

The User Lookup app provides easy access to user details. You can view all users, filter by a specific letter, or enter a search string filter. Additionally, you can edit a user from the edit icon.

Source code is available: User Lookup app source code

User Lookup

  • Before installing this app, we recommend you review the Users pages in CA Agile Central (Setup, Users page, or Setup, Workspaces & Projects, Project detail page, Users page). If this app provides unique functionality you would like to see in CA Agile Central, please let us know by contacting our support team.
  • This app requires subscription or workspace permissions to view or edit users.

View or Edit a User

To view or edit a user:
  1. Find a user. There are two lookup methods:
    • Type an entry into the Search box. When you use the search text box, only users that meet the search criteria in any of the four name fields display. For example, if you typed mark into the search box, any user with mark in the Username, First, Last, or Display Name display. This search is case insensitive.
    • Select any of the A-Z letters to show only users whose Username, First, Last, or Display Name begin with that letter. To return to seeing all users, select All.
  2. To edit the user, select the Edit icon in the Action column. See Administer Users for more information.



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